Hello all!

Sorry I haven’t been posting very much recently, I’ve been really busy with my last few weeks of the semester! I went home early last weekend to help out with an open house for my brother’s business so I didn’t have time to post or write. The next 2-3 weeks will still be extremely busy but I will try to post as much as I can.

Just a heads up, once my semester is over I will be returning home for summer where we have no internet. Shocking as it is to you that there are places out in the world without WiFi or even Dial-Up, it’s actually really nice. It forces you to get things done, like gardening which I am REALLY looking forward to this summer. But this doesn’t mean I’m never blogging here again till school starts! I’ll be able to go to our library and use their internet to blog and such.

Have a great week everyone!