My attempt to write a book

So here’s the story.

About two years ago I read an amazing series of books written by Shannon Hale beginning with a book entitled Goose Girl. It is a beautifully written tale of a princess’ fall from the throne and how she survived in secret from a murderous power-hungry girl who faked as the real princess. It is based on the Brother’s Grimm telling of “The Goose Girl”.  There are three other books that follow that are centered around a different character from Goose Girl, each with their own unique and inspiring story.

So I decided after reading those books that I would write my own book. Well, I hit a dead end, got busy and forgot about the whole thing. About a week ago I was cleaning out some old files from my laptop and found the first portion of my unfinished book. I started reading and then started editing and now I’m continuing to write more! My plot line has changed from the original idea, but I believe it’s for the better. So as soon as I have the first chapter written and edited I will post it up on here. I don’t know who actually reads my blog at all but maybe if just one person read it, liked it and shared it my writing could be taken seriously. I really miss writing for fun and college is starting to take all the fun out of writing anything.

Hopefully, I will get the first chapter up next week but we shall see what happens…