No Need to Stress

Finally it’s the weekend!






Seeing as how I only have not even a full week of classes left, I have decided that instead of stressing over grades and studying and what-not I’m just gonna try and relax. Yes, I will study for my finals but I can’t promise to put in 110% in my last days of classes. Luckily, my last day in most of my classes we are simply going over what will be on our final.

And you know what’s awesome? Only on of my finals isĀ cumulativeĀ and we are allowed to use our handy-dandy notebooks on it! And seeing as how I have never skipped this class once and I take careful notes, I’m fairly confidant in getting a good grade outta that final. I’m actually really hoping I do cause I have a crummy overall grade in that class anyways : P My other two finals are in classes that I really like and in subjects that I’m actually good at (cough art history cough).

So I’ve basically decided that it’s too late to change anything and I can only keep going forward and planning ahead, like I said earlier this week “Keep On Truckin'”

Have a great weekend!