Back in Black (I’m mourning the end of summer)

Sad news, summer break is now over for good šŸ˜¦

Good news: I’m back to blogging!

Another year at college, new classes, new livingĀ arrangements, and new crap to deal with. But as the Beatles say “Oh blah dee, oh blah dah, life goes on.” I will be continuing my Tunesday Tuesdays (starting tomorrow) but the other days I have no idea what I’m doing. I may just post random things that have something to do with my day, or something I feel like venting about without being too specific or maybe just some really random but cool stuff I found on Pinterest. Who knows! But, once I get a “schedule” figured out, I will let y’all know.

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If you are a returning reader: Welcome back, I’m sorry for being gone for so long.

See ya on the flip side,



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Just a quick heads up, I discovered how to set up my blog so that you can sign up for email notifications whenever I post new stuff. It’s to the right side of the page at the very top.


Never mind

So my whole plan with the posting stuff on a more dependable schedule…it died.

Basically, I’m WAY too busy this summer to do any blogging. Which is good for me cause I should not be looking at a computer screen all day when I could be out doing awesome things. Instead, I will do said awesome things and then blog about them some time…eventually…

Have a good summer y’all!


To clear some thing up…

I need to clear something up for everyone who reads my blog.

I posted three things on Earth Day: two websites and one video. A lot of people have left me comments on one post on the history of Earth Day and I just need to make it clear that I did notĀ write that article. I simply found the website and the article and posted a link to it on my blog. Sorry for the confusion.



The start of another long week…

Happy Monday!

I’m actually kinda dreading this week. It’s my last week of classes and my last chance to cram every bit of information into my head before finals! I’m relieved that the semester is almost over but I’m also pretty nervous at how it’s gonna turn out. I feel confidant in passing my classes, but I’m not so sure that my GPA is up to where I want it…hopefully I ace all my finals and bring up my overall grades in my classes!

Seeing as how its my last week of classes, I will most likely be posting less than usual, which is saying something seeing as how I don’t post as often as I want to. I will be doing Tunesday as usual but I can’t promise anything more. Depending on how my last classes go, I might be able to post stuff everyday as I hoped.

Another thing…with the end of the semester I will be making some changes on here…

  1. I will only post written things once a week! I know I haven’t been writing very much lately, but with more time I will be able to write more.
  2. Tunesday will still be on Tuesdays, but I will set Thursday as the official “Video of the Week” day and then Wednesday will be random-pictures-I-find-on-the-internet-day. I will keep posting my weekly updates on Mondays and then somewhere in there will be my written posts.
  3. I will actually post sections of my book so far on here under it’s own tag. Eventually I’ll give it a title other than “My Book”

That’s about it for this week! Have a great week everyone!


I need some advice/help…

Hey guys,

So I am thinking about getting Photoshop for my laptop but I have no idea how much it costs or anything. I kinda know how to use it but I’m hoping that by getting it I can watch videos and such about it to help me learn more.

And I was wondering if you have any advice for me about where to get it and what type to buy. Or should I even get it for my laptop at all? I dunno, I’mĀ indecisive but if there happens to be like a simpler and or cheaper version of Photoshop could I use that and still be able to do the same things?

Comment on my post with anything you have to say about Photoshop!


No Need to Stress

Finally it’s the weekend!






Seeing as how I only have not even a full week of classes left, I have decided that instead of stressing over grades and studying and what-not I’m just gonna try and relax. Yes, I will study for my finals but I can’t promise to put in 110% in my last days of classes. Luckily, my last day in most of my classes we are simply going over what will be on our final.

And you know what’s awesome? Only on of my finals isĀ cumulativeĀ and we are allowed to use our handy-dandy notebooks on it! And seeing as how I have never skipped this class once and I take careful notes, I’m fairly confidant in getting a good grade outta that final. I’m actually really hoping I do cause I have a crummy overall grade in that class anyways : P My other two finals are in classes that I really like and in subjects that I’m actually good at (cough art history cough).

So I’ve basically decided that it’s too late to change anything and I can only keep going forward and planning ahead, like I said earlier this week “Keep On Truckin'”

Have a great weekend!