Staying Fit and Healthy at College: Week 1

Last week, I talked about how I want to get healthy and fit while I’m at college and I came up with a plan on how to do it. This week, I’m gonna tell you what worked and what didn’t and change my plan around so that it will (hopefully) work for me 100%.

The Munchies

BREAKFAST: So, I planned on eating either cereal or a protein/granola bar for breakfast but, let’s be honest, I NEED SOME VARIETY! Seeing as how I’m at college and I’m on a meal plan, I’ve decided to go eat breakfast at food services twice a week. This actually has really been helping me eat healthier because there are a lot of different breakfast items there and I can pick and choose whatever combination I want! Mostly I get some kind of egg (scrambled, fried etc) and some fruit. On the days I don’t go, I still stick with either cereal or a granola bar.

LUNCH: I’ve decided to change this to be like dinner. I get whatever I want, just not a whole serving of it. I get a little bit of several things that way I can eat a lot of different foods like I want, but I’m not eating like a Norwegian Viking (these are my ancestors actually ha ha). BUT I am limiting what kind of food I eat. I refuse to eat anything off the grill or anything greasy like burgers and fries.

DINNER: I stuck with it! Got whatever I wanted but only one serving. I also tried really really hard not to eat extra food after dinner.

The Workout

So, I tweaked the workout schedule a bit. I added some extra moves I learned and instead of making it only 3 times a week, I did it every day. I decided that if I got into the habit of doing to workout before I shower, I’ll just do it every day. Basically, I added more leg and core workouts because those are the areas I want to tone the most.

From here on out, I will talk each week about my failures and triumphs and hopefully make some serious progress! If I happen to find a really awesome youtube video with a workout that I like, I’ll put it up here for you to try out!

Keep it real!




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