How to Survive Finals Week: A Day by Day Process

Happy Monday everyone!

This week, I will be posting each day about surviving finals week. Today is all about surviving Monday and preparing yourself for the rest of the week.

So, its finals week. I’m so done with school and homework and studying. But this is the most important week of the semester, I’ve gotta try extra hard this week and study my butt off and stay up late and survive on potato chips and coffee. WRONG!

Here are somethings you need to remember about finals week in order to come out of it alive and still human:

  1. Sleep is your friend, but consistent sleep is your best friend! It is necessary for your brain and your body to be in a consistent sleeping pattern this week. This means no staying up till 3AM cramming or watching Youtube (guilty). This also means no sleeping in till 3 in the afternoon. Figure out when your finals are and where and then create a sleep schedule. I suggest keeping it the same every night, but I understand if you a have a day or two between some of your finals. You should sleep  no less than 6 hours and no more than 8. Why? From personal experience, sleeping too little causes you to feel sleepy especially when sitting for more than an hour. Sleeping too much can also have to same effect and personally I think it’s even worse than sleeping too little. If you have trouble falling asleep, drink something hot before bed and study a little. Do not drink coffee (duh) try hot chocolate or I drink warm milk (nummy). 
  2. Food is good for the tummy and the grey matter. By grey matter I mean your brain. The very first thing you must do when you wake up is eat something! Before you shower, do make up, go potty or whatever else you do eat some food! Satisfying your hunger keeps one more thing off of your mind and helps your brain to concentrate on more important things like your stinkin’ final. It’s also rather embarrassing when your tummy growls like a lion in the middle of a dead-quiet classroom.
  3. Talk to your room mate to let him/her know when your finals are and when you plan to sleep and wake up.  There’s nothing like being woken up at 6 in the morning by your room mate stumbling around getting ready for their final. It’s especially nice when they were up till 4 studying with the lights on and music playing while your trying to get your 6-8 hours of Zs in. So talk to your room mate and figure out when each other’s finals are and when you plan on getting some sleep. If your room mate is like a stinkin’ ghost and you only see them maybe once a week, write your schedule on a card and tack it to your day. This also lets other people in your hall know what’s going on. (This picture really has nothing to do with talking to your room mate, I just thought it was cute!)
  4. It’s ok to have a cup of coffee before the final.  Caffeine helps to get you moving! Just don’t drink five gallons of the stuff. I also suggest chewing gum right before your final, especially mint gum. Mint helps to keep you awake, just don’t be that annoying person who brings hard candy to class and opens the plastic wrappers while everyone else is trying to take a test.

This is basically what you need to think about today. Now I’ll go through and tell you how I personally prepared myself for finals.

Over the weekend, I studied in shifts of an hour to half an hour. During my breaks I would do stuff like laundry or dishes to get my body moving around. Keep the blood moving! I took two hour breaks for lunch and dinner but my normal breaks were about an hour. You may not be able to study they way I do, but it’s good to consider taking time for yourself and do something not class related.

I went to bed around 10:30 and my final today was at 8AM. I woke up at 6:30 cutting it close to over 8 hours of sleep. I made myself some coffee, ate a breakfast bar and did not worry about make up or showering. I just put some sweatpants and a t shirt on and pulled my hair back so it didn’t annoy the heck outta me while I was bent over my test paper. If you have early morning finals, you don’t need to worry about taking a shower or putting on your make up. Just wait till you’re done with your final and then take care of all that jazz. If you have to look super good when you take your final with 20 other people who could care less how you look this morning, get up earlier.

After my final I had to work which actually turned out to be a good thing. Most people will probably go back to bed after an early morning final, but if you keep yourself busy with something you feel refreshed. I had planned on sleeping until noon after my final, but since I stayed awake I feel productive and good about myself. Plus, it gave me time to write this for you guys!

So that’s it for today, think about the points I mad earlier and prepare for your last week of the semester!



Crazy busy!

It’s the weekend!

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to blog much this week, it’s been super crazy busy! Studying for finals, packing up ALL my junk, work and hanging out with my future roomie most of this week. I know it doesn’t sound all that busy, but trust me it’s crazy! I’m actually writing this on my lunch break that’s how crammed I am for time!

I know I didn’t get to post a video Thursday so I’ll post one today on this post for you 🙂

Also, I  might be making some “schedule” changes to when I post certain things. My summer is going to be busier than I thought and with limited internet access it will be hard to keep up. I will post the “new schedule” soon!

Have a great weekend!



To clear some thing up…

I need to clear something up for everyone who reads my blog.

I posted three things on Earth Day: two websites and one video. A lot of people have left me comments on one post on the history of Earth Day and I just need to make it clear that I did not write that article. I simply found the website and the article and posted a link to it on my blog. Sorry for the confusion.





Today’s Tunesday is actually really random. I was just listening to some music on my laptop while working on my paper and decided to post this song for you guys! The song is called All I Do is Dream of You, and is sung in this version by Michael Buble but was originally performed in my all time favorite musical Singin’ in the Rain with Gene Kelly. I love the swing band and the background singers in this version and how Michael has jazzed up the vocal melody.

Hope you enjoy it!

The start of another long week…

Happy Monday!

I’m actually kinda dreading this week. It’s my last week of classes and my last chance to cram every bit of information into my head before finals! I’m relieved that the semester is almost over but I’m also pretty nervous at how it’s gonna turn out. I feel confidant in passing my classes, but I’m not so sure that my GPA is up to where I want it…hopefully I ace all my finals and bring up my overall grades in my classes!

Seeing as how its my last week of classes, I will most likely be posting less than usual, which is saying something seeing as how I don’t post as often as I want to. I will be doing Tunesday as usual but I can’t promise anything more. Depending on how my last classes go, I might be able to post stuff everyday as I hoped.

Another thing…with the end of the semester I will be making some changes on here…

  1. I will only post written things once a week! I know I haven’t been writing very much lately, but with more time I will be able to write more.
  2. Tunesday will still be on Tuesdays, but I will set Thursday as the official “Video of the Week” day and then Wednesday will be random-pictures-I-find-on-the-internet-day. I will keep posting my weekly updates on Mondays and then somewhere in there will be my written posts.
  3. I will actually post sections of my book so far on here under it’s own tag. Eventually I’ll give it a title other than “My Book”

That’s about it for this week! Have a great week everyone!