Tuesday Tunesday…on Wednesday

I know today isn’t Tuesday, but I’m gonna post a song anyway since I missed out yesterday!

Today’s song of the day is “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison. Thought I am not brown eyed, I still love this song. It’s a relaxed song with fantastic lead guitar harmonies and a nice low bass sound. I first heard this song when I was really little with my dad. It was playing on the radio and my dad was singing along in a purposefully goofy voice. He replaced “brown” with just about every other color under the song. When ever he said an especially silly color like pink I would collapse into giggles. When I have kids, I plan on doing the same thing with them. This song is also mentioned in one of my favorite novels Eli the Good by Silas House, a Berean author, which just makes the song that much better for me personally.


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