March Madness is at its most insane…coming from a Kentuckian

So we all know about the state of Kentucky sending off two teams to the final four in this year’s March Madness NCAA. I’m from Louisville, therefore I’m a UofL fan. But, I am currently in the heart of the UK kingdom of fans. I’m paranoid about wearing anything red or with a cardinal on it, and I don’t tell anyone I don’t know well that I am a UofL fan.

On Facebook, I have noticed a lot of UK fans posting nasty comments and rude pictures that are aimed at UofL, and I have also seen it the other way around.

I am proud to be a Kentuckian. Two of our teams are in the final four of the NCAA tournament, and I’m happy that they have done so well. Yes, I’m a UofL fan. No, I do not hate UK. What I hate is to see people from the same state be so rude to each other. UofL and UK fans treat each other like Unions and Confederates. This whole week up to the game was like a civil war to Kentucky. Why? Cause fans are crazy. I understand that you want your team to win but seriously? Do you need to completely disrespect another team, especially one from your own state?

This is just one example of needless disrespect not just in the sate of Kentucky, but around the world. People are being treated much worse for things that don’t really matter. In many cases, the blatant disrespect can escalate into violence and physical harm and suffering.

I have never understood how one human being can cause so much pain and suffering to another. Why would they do such a thing to someone? In the wild, the only times animals of the same species attack each other is to protect themselves and their families. But with humans, it seems like violence erupts out of nowhere.

I may be considered a “hippie” in the way I think about the world, but honestly the hippies really knew what was going on. They may be famous for extensive drug use and protesting too much, but their basic ideals were groundbreaking. And the main idea behind all their others is peace and love. Peace with nature, peace not war, love your neighbor, love mother earth and peace between peoples of all nations.

I know UK and UofL fans aren’t trying to kill each other (at least I hope) but the unnecessary rivalry between two great universities  from the same state is just a small example of people within the same community not being able to get over their differences and hope for one of the teams winning it all.


Video of the Week: Man o’ War

I absolutely love horses of all kinds. Though I’m not too crazy about the horse racing industry, I am crazy about the racehorses themselves. My number one favorite racehorse is Seabiscuit. His underdog story and how he played a part in pulling the U.S. out of the Great Depression is one of the most inspiring stories. If you only know this horse’s name, you must see the movie Seabiscuit that came out in 2003 starring Tobey Maguire as the jockey, Red (Maguire also played Peter Parker/Spiderman in the Spiderman movies).

This video tells the story of probably the most remembered racehorse in history: Man o’ War. The video has footage of the horse in the field playing as well as racing. There are also interviews with jockeys and trainers about Man o’ War.

Willie Smits: How we re-grew a rainforest

Willie Smits is a conversationalist, forester, microbiologist and animal rights activists.

In this video, he discusses how he initially saved a rain forest in order to save orangutans. He bought the land where the orangutans where living in order to preserve their habitat. He gave the locals long lasting jobs and gained their trust and approval. They raised over 1232 tree species in a nursery that would replace the trees that were being destroyed for lumber and also from forest fires. The video discusses the methods used to prevent the forest fires and save the orangutans and the rain forest they live in.

Tuesday Tunesday…on Wednesday

I know today isn’t Tuesday, but I’m gonna post a song anyway since I missed out yesterday!

Today’s song of the day is “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison. Thought I am not brown eyed, I still love this song. It’s a relaxed song with fantastic lead guitar harmonies and a nice low bass sound. I first heard this song when I was really little with my dad. It was playing on the radio and my dad was singing along in a purposefully goofy voice. He replaced “brown” with just about every other color under the song. When ever he said an especially silly color like pink I would collapse into giggles. When I have kids, I plan on doing the same thing with them. This song is also mentioned in one of my favorite novels Eli the Good by Silas House, a Berean author, which just makes the song that much better for me personally.

My attempt to write a book

So here’s the story.

About two years ago I read an amazing series of books written by Shannon Hale beginning with a book entitled Goose Girl. It is a beautifully written tale of a princess’ fall from the throne and how she survived in secret from a murderous power-hungry girl who faked as the real princess. It is based on the Brother’s Grimm telling of “The Goose Girl”.  There are three other books that follow that are centered around a different character from Goose Girl, each with their own unique and inspiring story.

So I decided after reading those books that I would write my own book. Well, I hit a dead end, got busy and forgot about the whole thing. About a week ago I was cleaning out some old files from my laptop and found the first portion of my unfinished book. I started reading and then started editing and now I’m continuing to write more! My plot line has changed from the original idea, but I believe it’s for the better. So as soon as I have the first chapter written and edited I will post it up on here. I don’t know who actually reads my blog at all but maybe if just one person read it, liked it and shared it my writing could be taken seriously. I really miss writing for fun and college is starting to take all the fun out of writing anything.

Hopefully, I will get the first chapter up next week but we shall see what happens…



Video of the Week: Mr. Arturo Trejo

The above video is of Mr. Arturo Trejo and his son Jose Luis in an interview. If you have never seen Mr. Arturo Trejo’s videos you are MISSING OUT! They are hilarious and extremely entertaining. This is his 100th video on youtube and it is awesome! There is a channel with all of his videos as well as a channel of videos that his wife (Nancy) makes. Enjoy the video of the week!!